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Do you give your dog bones?

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Midnight Kitty:
When I had a large (75 pound) dog, I got "marrow bones" from the butcher.  I think it is the cow's leg bone.  He would cut it in half with a knobby joint on either end.  I kept them in the freezer.  GingerBear loved a frozen marrow bone on a shady lawn on a summer afternoon.

I now have a small (13 pound) dog who loves to chew.  We give her rawhide chew toys, which she loves.  I toss them when they get too small and might be a choking hazard.  I had no idea that rawhide was bad for dogs. :-\

ETA - the marrow bones were raw.

I used to give my dogs bones (big ones). Until my current dog, Dagan.

Dagan is a Lab and he thinks that eating is a speed event. The first, and last time, I gave him a bone, tried to swallow it whole. He started choking and coughed it up. Then, he tried to do it again. Twice was enough for me and I made a rule that this dog will not get another bone.

Please pass the Calgon:
Sounds like our house during the holidays..a Great Dane, a yellow Lab, a German Shepherd and a rat terrier. Though honestly, I'd be more likely to toss my extended family in the backyard and keep the pups with me in the house ;)

Mine get beef bones on occasion. or bison or venison.  Always raw.  They love it.

The one thing I might caution  against is just handing out bones and putting them outside unsupervised.  Chewing should be supervised (there can be a danger of choking) and one dog might decide he fancies another dog's bone better than his own, which could lead to a fight.  If possible I'd suggest that everyone bringing a dog bring a crate as well.

My vet has always told me that it is really good for their teeth to get raw bones. I give them the big thigh bones too. I have a Lab and a Silky Terrorist. They both love them, but the bones are usually bigger than the Silky! I live in the tropics now so on a really hot day I will give the bones to them frozen - a giant puppy popsicle!

I have never had an issues giving any of my past dogs bones either. They don't get cooked bones as they can splinter easily, but raw ones have a much lower chance and the furkids love them.


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