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I did not use it verbally but in my own way: a request denied

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My mother asked me to contact my sister, and ask her for the school website log in and a password so she can keep tabs on her grandkids's grades like a helicopter type grandmother.  They are not poor (in terms of grades) students by any means.  I have not contacted my sister to have her get our mother a log in and password to the systems.   I will not give in to the request as I consider it an invasion of privacy & none of her business.  My mother does not know I am gradually improving my spine when it comes to some of her requests & not giving in as I used to do in the past.

That's really the best way to do things.  Don't state your boundaries, just live them. 

If you mother asks you for an update, you can tell her you didn't ask.  If she asks why, just say you didn't want to.

Why wouldnt your mother ask your sister for this information herself? Would your sister get mad about it? If thats the case shouldnt that tell her something? I'm just completely blown away by this. In what world does she have the right to that information?

Under most circumstances, unless given written permission by one of the parents, wouldn't this be illegal anyway?

My mother wants my sister to contact the school to give permission for the access/details as she knows that my sister may not take the request directly from her (why my mother is trying to use a middle woman).   I will simply say to my mother I have not heard back from my sister even though its not good to lie. 


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