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I see there is already a string on this.  I would have found it had the search tool been working!

Anyway, I tried to delete this entirely, but it won't let me, so I apologize for the duplicate.

I do hope they fix this soon.

I get the same. In various threads, other posters have agreed and said that they have to use Google searches to search the forum, but I don't really get how to do that (tried it once, no success).

Just type in on Google:  Etiquette Hell   plus a few key words.

For example, perhaps you're trying to find a recent thread about wedding thank-you notes.  Typing in something like   Etiquette Hell Wedding thank-you notes   should pull up some pertinent threads.

Yeah, I've done that, and it's better than nothing.  But it doesn't get you back into the string again.

It also doesn't always work. And for some reason, whenever I use it, I end up on the mobile version of the site.


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