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Pigs in Blankets

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In the thread on your family's traditional holiday meals, Hmmmmm mentioned that her family always have 'Pigs in Blankets' for breakfast, then described the process of wrapping sausages in dough and baking. I have only heard 'pigs in blankets' used for sausages (either chipolatas or cocktail sausages) wrapped in bacon which I think is the traditional usage in the UK.

What do you call 'Pigs in blankets'? Do you have another dish called this? Do you have another name for bacon or dough wrapped sausages?

Sausages or sausage meat in pastry are sausage rolls.

Sausages wrapped in bacon are called kilted sausages where I come from.

As a child in Lincolnshire it meant sausages wrapped in pancakes, but I've never heard of anyone else outside there calling them that. Now it means sausages wrapped in bacon.

I think that Polish Stuffed cabbage is also sometimes referred to as pigs in a blanket. I learned this as a child when a mom asked if I wanted to stay for dinner because they were having pigs in a blanket. Image my suprise when I was repsented with a plate of stuffed cabbage.

In Texas, "pigs in a blanket" are sausages or hot dogs wrapped in pastry. Some people have started calling them kolaches as well, because Texas has a large Czech population and there are lots of places that also sell pigs in a blanket as "sausage kolaches", even though they don't meet the traditional definition of kolaches.


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