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The 'I Accomplished Something Today!' Thread

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Outdoor Girl:
We have a decluttering thread and a non-procrastinating thread but some days, I'm so tired, just getting anything done is an accomplishment.  So this thread is to post our small victories and pleasure that we managed to get anything done at all.  There may be different reasons for that - chronic illness, in my case; looking after everyone else but you; working long hours - whatever your reason, here's your chance to detail what you did get done.   :)

I had plans to visit my Dad today, stay overnight and come back in the morning but there are some pretty major snowsqualls between here and there so I decided to just head up in the morning, spend the day with him and head back in the late afternoon.  It is only a little over an hour drive so that is totally doable.

So I spent today doing some things:
I got 4 loads of laundry done, sorted, folded, put away and my bed remade
I did my non-dishwasher dishes
I unpacked the dishwasher from last night's run and repacked it with the containers I accidentally dropped in the cats' water dish last night  ::)
I sorted my Christmas presents and put them in bags for each person, tucked into a Rubbermaid to keep them from being all over the place
I tidied my bedroom a little bit - there is a little more room to move in there but it still needs some work.
I've been doing a little bit of knitting on the sleeves for the sweater for my Dad for Christmas
If I get the sleeves done, I go back to working on the sweater for my nephew - the sleeves and back are done and the front is started.  I had to pause until I got one more ball of yarn in the correct colour.

I'm taking a rest (and drinking a beer - I earned it!) right now but if I have the energy, I'm going to do a little organizing in the kitchen, putting away baking supplies now that my cookies are done.

Wow, you've been a mine of energy today!

I've finished most of the laundry (and living with two men who both seem to feel the need for multiple changes of clothing daily, this is no easy task!), finished cleaning the whole main floor of the house, and managed to sort out my Christmas shopping.  In a few minutes, once my back stops yelling at me, I'm getting into the car and going out to pick up some things at our local Shopper's Drug Mart.

(I wanted to get another batch of my caramel popcorn done today, but alas, I'm out of corn syrup, and hitting the grocery store on a Saturday afternoon in December is a sure-fire way to induce a full-fledged panic attack in me.  I'll go later on this evening, when they're about to close and the place is almost empty!)

Still plan on finishing my online Christmas shopping tonight--mostly gift cards.  THEN I'll have one of those beers you were discussing!  ;D

I took a shower!! And have blow dried my hair.

Um...also I finished the plate of cookies we made last weekend and painted my nails.

Boy, I could have used this thread when I was on dialysis 15 hours a week and trying to hold down a full time job.  That was so exhausting that getting anything else done in the course of a day was a major accomplishment.  Now that I have a (so far!) successful transplant, my new issue is making sure I do something useful every day instead of just flitting off doing the fun stuff that I really want to do but didn't have time for before.

Today, so far all I have done (outside of going to my regular Saturday morning knitting breakfast) is to complete a mystery shop and input it into the computer.  But DH has planned on going out tonight to see a friend so I have the whole rest of the evening to myself so I plan on checking back in later with a healthy list of accomplishments!

I managed to get most of my xmas shopping done today . . . online, but still! That counts, right?

Saturday's are my procrastination/lazy days.

I'll check in tomorrow after laundry/shopping/cleaning/cooking, etc. ;D


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