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Brown dots on the screen


Yesterday, I noticed brown dots in random places in people's posts. Initially, I thought it was my screen but the smeared brown dots sscroll up and down on the screen. There is a smudged brown streak on this screen as well.

I just noticed that the brown dots are actually happy faces turning splat.  Hmmmmm...

Outdoor Girl:
Sounds like you've picked up a virus somewhere.  Not something I'm seeing.


That is weird. I finally found some threads with bunches of smilies to test and i am not seeing that, either. Here is a mess of them in case it helps ...

 :)  ;)  :D  ;D  >:(  :(  :o  8)  ???  ::)  :P  :-[  :-X  :-\  :-*  :'(  >:D           


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