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Author Topic: Ignoring kids who are soliciting  (Read 24410 times)

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Re: Ignoring kids who are soliciting
« Reply #60 on: December 09, 2013, 09:18:22 PM »
I've never been ambushed by kids nor constantly bombarded, as someone mentioned. I guess I don't get out enough.

I standby the "no thank you/not today" statement while I keep walking. It takes nothing from me and at least gives the person the modicum of respect by acknowledging them.


Go to any Walmart on any given weekend in my neighborhood and you will be hit up for the Kiawanis Club, 2 or 3 different schools sports teams, cheerleaders, and bands, along with the assorted heart, cancer, MS whatever fundraisers.  No one is selling anything, mind you...just shaking cans and blocking doors to get us to give glasses to the poor, let them go to some tournament or improve their field, or find a cure for whatever disease they are shilling for.   And honestly, like I said before I am put off that parents use their kids to beg for us to fund their kids activities and with the coffee cans with signs for disease du jour...sorry, don't believe they turn in the money as they are not wearing anything official from the charity like a name badge or something.  And when I have done the smile but say No thing while walking, I have been asked "why not?" so I just ignore (headphones are my friend).

Oh my. One would think that the organizers of all these charities would recognize that there's a lot of competition and go somewhere else, or at least trade off so people wouldn't have to choose. I don't live near a Walmart but on the few occasions I've been to one not a solicitor was in sight. Perhaps you could complain to management because I'm sure you are no doubt the only one who is bothered by it.

However, this thread is not about parents using their kids nor where the money goes, so move on.
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Re: Ignoring kids who are soliciting
« Reply #61 on: December 10, 2013, 10:37:48 PM »
I think it's time for people who are annoyed by solicitors in malls or other retail stores to email the corporate headquarters or speak to the manager. If enough customers speak up, the offending group or all solicitors could be banned. Target has a no solicitation policy outside the store. I now shop at Target instead of Walmart. I got especially fed up when a group of kids from an affluent parochial boys' school stood outside Walmart with a handmade cardboard sign "Raffel tickets for ". No thanks-if these kids are in an expensive private high school and still can't spell raffle, it's a lost cause.

Kids standing out in the street and weaving in and out of traffic is also a turnoff-the parents can't find any way to fund the activity except putting their kids out in the street to beg for $?

We have had a well dressed young boy come to our door asking us to buy for a fundraiser for his brand new elementary school funded by a multimillion $ bond issue-our school is new and we don't have as many nice things as the other schools in the neighborhood!

I don't see anything wrong with ignoring solicitors-speed up and wave apologetically.