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Beyoncé wears fur, cowskin, leather, etc... to a series of vegan restaurants

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Drunken Housewife:
Jay Z announced that he was going to try eating as a vegan for a month as a spiritual quest and wrote, as a postscript in his announcement, that his wife Beyoncé would join him in this. 

However... whether she intends to be photographed or not (sometimes celebrities have the paparazzi tipped off), Beyoncé has subsequently been photographed going to vegan and vegetarian restaurants wearing outfits which seem at best thoughtlessly chosen and at worst aimed at offending the other patrons.  She's worn fur, leather, cowhide (leather with the cowhair still in place), etc..    :(   Normally wearing this sort of clothing is not an etiquette faux pas, but to a vegan restaurant it is.

I've never had an issue with her before but am finding this pretty appalling.  There has been coverage of this, so if the first incident of being photographed wearing inappropriate-for-a-vegan-restaurant outfits was a mistake, one would think she would have caught on.  (Beyoncé is famously very interested in controlling the pictures of herself which are in the public).  Here's a link discussing this (note:  although this entry I am linking to is unoffensive, other entries on the linked-to blog contain rough language and discussions which not all eHellions will appreciate):    Another link, to her wearing fur to a vegan restaurant:

How does the media know that those items are not faux?

Drunken Housewife:
The jacket with the fur trim is an extremely distinctive coat by a designer.  As the paper said, it's "a £2,915 Christopher Kane wool-blend parka with real fur collar." 

Even when not wearing fur, leather, cowskin, etc.., she appeared to be dressing either very thoughtlessly or with an intent to offend.  She went to a vegan restaurant wearing clothing with a loud print of meat on it on another day. 

It's really bizarre.  I can see someone wearing leather shoes or a leather coat to a vegan restaurant out of simply not thinking (or out of not owning other shoes), but Beyoncé's behavior seems extreme and weird.

It certainly seems deliberate. Surely she can't be that clueless? Even if you don't know that much about being vegan wouldn't you realize hey, maybe don't wear a big ole animal skin into a vegan restaurant? I'm not even vegetarian but even I'd know better just out of respect for the other diners regardless of whether I shared their diet.

Reminds me of a protest once up in Portland, OR where people were marching against outsourcing and a reporter pointed out that a man was wearing Nike shoes. Don't these people have friends to give them a heads-up?!

I saw one of the several articles about this myself.  My first thought is that her hubby's decision to become vegan for three weeks and the announcement of her intent to join him were made without her input, or at least against her wishes, and this is her way of passive-aggressively protesting.  There is absolutely no way she isn't intentionally wearing all the clothing she owns made out of real animal. 


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