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Beyoncé wears fur, cowskin, leather, etc... to a series of vegan restaurants

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It really looks like she's thumbing her nose at the whole concept:

"Hey, I'll call attention to veganism, especially the moral/ethical aspect of it, by announcing I'm on a spiritual journey!"
"Hey, I'll flaunt everything that moral/ethical aspect stands for by wearing the most anti-vegan clothing I can find!  Ha ha ha!  I'm so edgy! Lookit me!"

I'm embarrassed that I'm buying into her game.  Done with this attention-seeking idiot.

Clearly, some people are offended, and some (like me) are not at all. Beyonce never claimed to be vegan, so I don't see how her attire choice here could be interpreted as hypocritical.  I liked the outfit (the one I saw anyway) and I think it is a bit ridiculous to expect that people entering a vegan restaurant not wear anything that uses animal products. Not even the restaurant itself has such a rule.  I think all of the "it's like she wore X to a Y event" are beside the point because what she did was wear leather and other animal derived materials to a vegan restaurant. I guess I didn't hear that the restaurant itself had an issue with that (I am sure someone will correct me if the restaurant issued a statement). 

I've definitely worn leather/suede to vegan restaurants before.  It never even occurred to me not to, or that it would offend anyone, and I pretty much always have leather on me somewhere. 

I've never thought of my clothing as being related to what I was eating, unless the restaurant had a specific dress code. 

I don't see her as rude unless the restaurant itself has a no-animal-products dress code.  I like eating vegan sometimes but that has nothing to do with what I'm wearing.  Even if I ate vegan all the time, it could be for health reasons, or because I disagree with practices done by the meat industry, and not because I disagree with any use of animal products including clothing.

Well, the mystery is solved - Beyonce had a new album drop a day or so ago.  She wanted that extra bump of attention before the announcement.


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