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Roses Aren't Blue...

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I did a few cross stitch bookmarks during the past couple weeks.  They came with a 'shades of pink' rose pattern, and I made one according to the pattern directions for someone's Christmas present, one in shades of purple for my mother at her request, and one for myself in shades of blue.  Because...well, I just like blue!

Today, I went to the book store after some Christmas shopping, bought a book that seemed interesting, and I sat down in one of the chairs to relax a bit before heading home.  I had my new bookmark with me, eager to put it to use, and it was sitting in the open book as I started to read.  After a while, a voice behind and above me caused me to jump.  "Um, roses aren't blue.  Whoever did that made a mistake."

 :o :o ::)  "Okay..." I figured it was time to go home anyway, so I got up and left.  Never mind that white roses have been dyed blue, so while they aren't natural, they do exist in some form.  I just like the color blue!  Let me read in peace!  ;D

In your defense:

There ARE blue roses. I saw a display of them at the commercial greenhouse down the road from us. They are a really strange color of blue but they ARE blue.

I once had a dress with blue roses on it!

That's just weird.

I have a huge tattoo of a blue rose between my shoulder blades; I got it to commemorate the son I lost in utero. A blue rose symbolizes the unattainable dream. If anyone tried to tell me blue roses don't exist, I'd have a good laugh in their face. Neither do unicorns, but they are still central in symbols and well-used on all sorts of crafts or art projects.


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