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Obama-Castro Handshake--What Would Etiquette Demand?


It's funny; I'm a long-time reader, first time poster, but when I saw the news last night regarding President Obama's handshake with President Castro at the Mandela Memorial last night, my very first thought was, "What would EHellions think?"  I was surprised there was no thread already created for this!

Putting my own personal political opinions aside, I'm guessing that in EHell terms, the long-standing economic sanctions would probably be a little below the "Cut Direct" in interpersonal relationships.  But when both parties found themselves at a neutral event--"hosted" by somebody else--do you feel that etiquette dictates that both parties put their differences aside (if for no other reason than as a sign of respect to the host, and/or the meaning of the event)?  Or does initiating (or at least allowing) contact contradict the point of the "Cut Direct"?

You know what's really funny? Here you claim to be a long time reader so you must know the policy against discussing politics, especially something to controversial as this. And you're surprised no thread has been created? Here's your answer--they know better.

Pull crap like this again and you will be banned because frankly my troll detector is very screaming right now.


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