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A incident regarding the plus 1.

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A friend of mine has worked for the same small business for about 10 years.  As the years have gone on and the business has grown they are currently up to about 12-15 employees.

This year for their Christmas party all the employees were allowed to bring a plus one.  In prior years, the owners have invited my friends 3 children and husband.  But this year it was plus one. 

So, she solicited the other employees to invite her children as plus 1.  Most of the employees are teenagers.  So her teens and her 6 year old went for a steak dinner party as plus ones. 

Her reasoning was, "They just can't change the rules all of a sudden."


I think it was rude and bad manners.

Absolutely! What if the teens wanted to bring a friend or boyfriend, or parent?  ::)

I suppose it technically fits the "plus 1", but let's see:
It involves asking someone to invite her children to an event ... rude
It prevents those people from inviting someone they want to invite ... rude
It is clearly against the spirit of the new invitation ... rude
Having her entire family there when that was not the intent is likely to change the dynamic at the party ... rude

As a host, of course you can set the rules for your party, particularly prior to issuing the invitation.

I'm seeing no merit in her actions at all.

Wow. :o

I've never heard of that before (thankfully). How incredibly rude and self absorbed. What if the other employees had a +1 of their own they wanted to invited, but for some ridiculous reason felt they couldn't say no to this woman? I can imagine a teenager not feeling confident enough to say 'no' to a long term, adult, employee.

Did the boss say anything?

--- Quote from: MOM21SON on December 11, 2013, 04:40:27 PM ---Her reasoning was, "They just can't change the rules all of a sudden."

--- End quote ---

um, yes they can, and they did. Friend needs to suck it up, and either accept the new rules or politely decline the invitation.  Perhaps they decided on +1 as they didn't want children attending, never dreaming that someone would do anything like this.


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