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switcheroos on standard recipes

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Here is an example:
I really, really dislike the old standard green bean casserole with the mushroom soup and canned fried onions.
I was thinking of doing this and woinder if anyone had ever tried it:
Steam some frozen french cut green beans (or fresh if you are ambitious)
Thinly slice an onion and caramelize it (as for French onion soup) with a little garlic in extra virgin olive oil...maybe chopped onion would work better.
lightly caramelize some sliced mushrooms
Toast some sliced almonds.
Toss all together before serving with some salt and fresh ground  pepper and maybe a little sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

Sounds yummy - I actually make my green bean casserole with from scratch white sauce and lots of mushrooms.  I add it to steamed green beans, top with a mix of buttered fresh bread crumbs and crispy onion rings.  Stick the broiler ot toast up ~!

There are always ways to improve tired recipes by substituting fresh ingredients for canned or prepared.  We never made green bean casseroles in my family but these suggestions make the dish seem worth a try. 

That's not a new recipe, and it is a lot more low sodium friendly than Camplbell's green bean asserole as well as fresher tasting.

Just call it "Bi's green beans" and go with it.

Just make sure that you aren't serving it to an audience that *really* like and are expecting the "usual" kind- people can get funny about their traditional holiday food.


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