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Author Topic: s/o returning a library book  (Read 4050 times)

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Re: s/o returning a library book
« Reply #15 on: January 15, 2014, 10:07:47 AM »
Go ahead and redonate it to the library.

A fun way to release books into the wild is

Just don't let the bird have it and the donate it :) .

If you have active bookcrossers in the area, they may be maintaining Official Bookcrossing Zones (a fancy name for a take-a book-leave-a-book shelf in a store, coffeeshop, office, etc) and Little Free Libraries.  Even if you personally don't want to go to the trouble of registering a lot of books, you can leave the books there.

Dr. F, are you in the Washington, DC area?  The description of a free book bookcase in a library parking garage sounds like one in Arlington.  Anyhow, the BCinDC group is very active.  You can PM me if you are interested.