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I was working overtime tonight, in the middle of an absorbing project, when my phone rang. I was expecting a call from that area code, so I answered it. Except instead of that call, it was someone looking for a "Jimmy". I said "No, I'm sorry, this is Cake, I think you have the wrong number."

By that point I was fully expecting to hear a "sorry, goodbye" so I let my mind go back to my work, but instead the caller kept questioning me. "Is Jimmy your son?" No. "So there's not a Jimmy there?" No. "Do you know anyone named Jimmy?" No. "Are you sure? Jimmy Gagglehopper?" At that point I said in a rather snappy tone, "Seriously. I do not know Jimmy."

Obviously it was less than polite of me to snap at the caller. Would it have been okay to say "I think you have the wrong number. Goodbye." and then hang up? Was the caller rude to keep questioning me?

Mel the Redcap:
They were rude. You were fine.  ;)

What did they expect you to say when they kept asking? "Oh, whoops, I totally forgot, Jimmy IS my son!"? "Actually, I was lying. He's right here but I felt like messing with you."?

No need to say you "think" they have the wrong number. 

"There is no Jimmy here.  You have the wrong number. Goodbye."

Most likely a bill collector. (not that that is a reason to be rude, but it explains the persistence and odd questions. They are used to being lied to and will try to trip people up)

It annoys me when I'm polite to a wrong number, only to have them get pushy with me about it.

So, I vote it was rude of the caller, but I'm not exactly unbiased since it happens to me a lot.

I agree that it was probably a bill collector.  Saying "You have the wrong number.  Goodbye."  is fine.  It's short and to the point, so you don't need to waste anymore of your time.


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