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My DD's apartment mate

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My DD told me this one....She and Julie share an quasi-university affiliated apartment.  My DD is graduating this semester, so has to find a subletter.  Julie's mom has stopped paying for her college (she is past 4 years in college) as of next semester, so is looking for a subletter so she can find cheaper housing.

Julie asked DD if she found a subletter that would pay full rent, could she let Julie have that subletter and then my DD could maybe get a subletter that would not pay full rent (as we are still supporting my DD (although not completely as this was her choice to get a full year lease!).

Uh, was easy in that the only subletter showing interest would not pay the full rent as there were many other options for them.

Midnight Kitty:
I am a bit confused: Do both girls pay the same amount in rent?  How could one subletter pay "full rent" and the other pay less?

In any event, Julie is responsible for finding her own subletter.  Any subletter your DD finds gets to take her place.

So Julie basically wants you to be on the hook when/if she can't find someone to cover her share of the rent? I've said it before: it's so easy to spend other people's money! Hopefully Julie will eventually grow up a bit and understand how silly she sounds.

I swear I've seen something similar on Judge Judy (many times).  Julie is responsible for finding her own subletter.  Your DD is doing what is right and finding one to replace her.

I had this happen to me in college.  4 of us rented an apartment.  The lease started in July, and school didn't start until Sept so I needed to either find a rentor for 2 months, or pay the rent myself. I advertised and found someone.  She moved in while I was at home (not at the college) and then when the rent was due, she told me she moved into my other roommates room and paid her rent.  Never told.  I had to come up with the rent.  Don't let your dd's roommate take your rentor when you find one!


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