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My DD's apartment mate

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--- Quote from: Midnight Kitty on December 17, 2013, 05:51:13 PM ---I am a bit confused: Do both girls pay the same amount in rent?  How could one subletter pay "full rent" and the other pay less?

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Sometimes people will sublet and charge less than their full share of the rent. It's better to have some of the money paid, instead of paying it all yourself. For example, if your share of the rent is $400, you might sublet for $300, and pay the additional $100 yourself.

But this sort of thing is worked out between the renter and the subleaser. Whatever your DD does, OP, have her get the arrangement in writing.

Make sure that a subletter is allowed on your DDs lease. Many do not and your DD can be held liable for the rent and for any damage that the subletters do.  PLUS it could cause your DD to have problems renting in the future. It may be cheaper all around to pay a lease break fee (sometimes only 1 month's rent) instead of risking your credit and rental history.


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