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Making the delivery driver walk to the apartment building

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I live in an apartment complex that has an area along the curb to park. You have to walk about 25 feet to get to the main entrance. Whenever I (or anyone else) orders from a particular restaurant, the driver doesn't want to get out of his car and wants us to come to him. He's never said so out loud, but I've heard tenants asking on the phone if he can meet them at the door, and I usually stand at the large window where he can see that I'm in the lobby.  After awhile he'll get out and walk extremely slowly to the front of the apartment building. (I know he isn't handicapped, he walks briskly away once he's delivered the food. Also, the man's never delivering anything particularly heavy-it's never for more than 1 or 2 people.) Usually tenants are impatient to get their food once it's in sight so they'll meet him halfway. He's the only delivery driver that does this. The others all run to the door and wait to be buzzed in. I've been having a discussion with some other tenants about whether or not it's rude to make him walk all the way from the door-some argue that's what they're paying/tipping him for and others say that he shouldn't have to walk all the way away from his car. What does ehell think?

Delivery drivers should bring it at least to the door of the building.  I've had drivers take it upstairs directly to my door (I'm on the 2nd floor) and those drivers get a bit extra in their tip.

It's standard to deliver to the door, honestly it sounds as though he is being lazy or trying to save time.   Yes it is nice to go out and meet him if you're inclined to, but he shouldn't be insisting upon it unless it's company policy for some reason.

I would give this feedback to the owners / managers of his business as it's bad for their reputation.

Any time I've ordered delivery the driver has brought the food to the door of the house or apartment, often right to the apartment, except for a few cases where they couldn't find the right door, and I had to go find them.

The delivery driver is dressed for going outside. The apartment residents generally are not.  I can go to the front door in my indoor clothes and a pair of slippers. To go outside in winter, I'm going to need to put on socks, get on my shoes and coat, and maybe grab an umbrella. That makes ordering takeout considerably less convenient.

I'm wondering if he has been mugged or robbed previously and is frightened?


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