Author Topic: Bringing your own food to the restaurant? Really?  (Read 19111 times)

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Re: Bringing your own food to the restaurant? Really?
« Reply #165 on: January 15, 2014, 09:36:56 PM »
There are substitutions and then ther are substitutions.

DH and I like to go to pairing dinners: wine pairings, cocktails, etc.  There are two couples we dine out with regularly but won't go to pairing dinners with them. 

In the first couple one partner has food sensitivities. They refuse to call the restaurant ahead of time and give the chef a heads up. They wait until they are at the table. At this time most of the food is prepped and it creates a major headache for the kitchen.

One partner in the second couple has allergies and also doesn't call ahead.  The other partner is really unwilling to try anything new. He once had a melt down because the steak had an espresso rub. Forget seafood or sauces.  He also only drinks cocktail A. It doesn't matter what the pairing is he doesn't drink the beverage.

Our meal service is always delayed.

Both couples will say, "Restaurant B is having a wine dinner." We suggest going on a different night and just having dinner when substitutions are as problematic.

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Re: Bringing your own food to the restaurant? Really?
« Reply #166 on: January 16, 2014, 12:19:11 AM »

Another story I can think of, I recently went to a pasta bar and explained to the server that I couldn't have a sauce that had raw egg in it and asked for his suggestion. He suggested a particularly sauce but it also had ham in it, which I said I couldn't have either. He then offered to make it without ham and I tipped him.

So substitions are acceptable for you, but not for vegans or Americans?

Wait, when she say Americans couldn't ask for substitutions? I know there was some discussion of how American service tends to be more 'accomodate the customer' than some other countries, but that's just a cultural difference...

I wonder if other countries will start to move more towards the American way or not. With tourism so huge, it's an interesting thought.... I do think there is, or should be, room for restaurants that are "make it to order" and those that are "we do it like it is on the menu, deal with it" but it would be nice if there was some way to indicate this, too.

I mean, isn't the point of "create your own" type places that most places aren't so customizable? Or is that just out of date? :D