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Etsy shop: paypal dispute as a first line of communication

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Good update:
I did as the people suggested: I e-mailed the seller through Etsy and Paypal and I apologized for the dispute both times. The seller responded the next day and apologized for the delay and the lack of communication. I could not reply a that time because I was abroad. When I came home, my package was waiting for me. There was a discount coupon for a next purchase included because of the delay.

I cancelled my dispute right away and I gave the seller a fair feedback on Etsy. I got a nice reply from her to not worry about the dispute, she understood the need to start it with the end of 45 days so close and was grateful that I closed it at soon as the package arrived. (Plus: I LOVE the work she did, my earrings are great! )

Hooray for a happy ending where everyone was civil and it all turned out well!


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