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Etsy shop: paypal dispute as a first line of communication

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It's a business transaction, so no, it isn't rude.

If the seller really has that feedback then I'm sure they will not be shocked at the Paypal dispute, and I wouldn't be surprised if they apologize for the delay in the order.

I used to deal with Paypal disputes for that company I work at. The dispute is often the buyer's first contact with us (even though we can be reached directly by phone or email). I have never minded it. As long as it isn't a chargeback dispute, it doesn't negatively affect us, it's just a way to notify us of the issue while keeping Paypal in the loop. In this situation, my opinion of the customer would be based entirely on what they actually said during the resolution of the issue.

This is a business transaction, not a social one.  If Paypal only has a 45 day window to open a dispute, that that's what the buyer needs to do in order to get their guaranteed protection.  I would also send an email to the seller as well, letting them know why the dispute was opened. 

A Paypal dispute also means that all communication between the buyer and seller is recorded, which protects both of them.

Sometimes I think that with the popularity of buying directly from an individual seller instead of from a large business - such as with ebay or etsy - there is almost a blurring between a "social" transaction versus a "business" transaction.  I feel that it should all be treated as business.

So, yes, the Paypal dispute should not be seen as rude.  The buyer has to protect themselves.  And it will make the seller aware that there is an issue. 

Do I understand that the item is a month late and the seller hasn't once contacted Steve to let her know there would be a delay?  Even if Steve wasn't rushed to get it, going that far past a delivery date with no communication is bad business.  Since the dispute period is closing with PayPal, I say Steve was within her rights to open a dispute.  Hopefully, the seller comes back with a good explanation and the dispute can be dropped, but there is nothing wrong with protecting yourself during a business transaction, which is what this is. 


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