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Is there a polite way to express disbelief? (second example)

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A few minutes ago I asked in the Life in General section about whether there is a polite way to express disbelief when one hears a hard-to-believe story in person.  Here is my second example that got me thinking about this:

Recently I was reading a very detailed online post somewhere on the Internet about someone who had behaved very rudely - and about the quite satisfying turn of events that ended up teaching the rude person a badly-needed lesson. 

I enjoyed reading the post and the replies.  It looked like the rude person sort of "got what he/she deserved", in a way, so that's why I described it as "satisfying".  (I'm being vague here because I don't want anyone to know which post I am doubting.)

But a minute later, as I thought it over, I started wondering if the whole story really happened.  I can't put my finger on it, but I just started wondering.  (No, I don't suspect every story I read, and I can't explain why I wonder about this one but not others.)

So, here is my question:  I suppose that there is no polite, non-confrontational, non-trouble-starting way to say that a story is hard to believe... is there?

Not sure if that is possible.  But maybe, "Interesting, if true"?

Like in the other thread, it depends what your goal is.  Do you want to know for yourself whether it is true?  Do you want to expose someone publicly as a liar?

shhh its me:

--- Quote from: Betelnut on December 23, 2013, 10:27:16 AM ---Not sure if that is possible.  But maybe, "Interesting, if true"?

--- End quote ---

I think that's an outright accusation and requires much more then just serendipity to justify it.

I'm not certain this is what posters mean but when I see someone say " Wow, that wouldn't have worked out more perfectly in a work of fiction" or something similar I think that person may suspect fiction.

This has come up on this forum, and the mods have said that it is fine to ask for clarification on details of a story that don't add up (like timelines) but it's rude to badger the OP or outright imply that they are lying.


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