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 I moved over the summer and sent out change of address cards to the entire family.  I hadn't advertised
 my move to my extended family; quite frankly I didn't think it was that big a deal.  My parents and sibling's family were aware of it as were my friends and employer. 

One aunt immediately emailed me when she got the change of address.  Why had I moved?  I wrote a short note back saying that I was interested in relocating and X state sounded great.  My parents had also retired to the state.  Not good enough.  I was getting emails and Facebook postings on my wall and IMs from her daily.  So, I deleted her emails and unfriended her on Facebook.

Then, in November, a company with whom I had interviewed months before called me with an amazing offer.  They are in a city close to my parents.  I broke my lease and headed to my parents house for a couple of months.  I didn't advertise this -- most 41 year olds don't want to advertise that they live in their parents guest room.  Besides, I'll be house hunting closer to work in the spring.  So, out go the Christmas cards.  I have a ton of the temporary apartment address labels, so I use those.  Mail forwarding is set up, after all.  Most of my cards are forwarding.  No problem, right!

Somehow, Assumptive Aunt found out I was living with my folks.  She sends the card to their house (no problem at this point) with a lengthy note about how bad the economy is, that I shouldn't have quit my job back home and that she hopes I don't have to live off my parent's too long. 

I am still scratching my head.  It's fine that she sent my card to my parents, but a bit odd.  Yes, the economy is not the best.  Still fine.  Why would she assume that I was unemployed?  I'm still on FB with two of her kids and have commented on an office pot-luck, new carpet in my office, and a power outage that caused my boss to plug in his generator so we could have email (but not lights or heat). 

I tossed her card.  My sister and mother are still laughing at my 'favorite aunt'. 

I think I'm not going to engage the crazy.

Yup. Don't engage the crazy.

Why does it matter if someone moves? I mean in less your on the run from the law, but I'd doubt very much you'd be sending out change of address cards if you were on the lamb. If you would well you might want to re-thinking being a fugitive as I don't believe you'd be very good at it.

Otherwise, you're a grown up, if you wanna quit your job and move half way around the world that's really only your business.

Yes, I'd leave the crazy be. Though I'd be tempted to write back "Yes, Aunt, with the economy the way it is I'm getting very concerned, we're running low on food here, we might have to eat the cat. Can I come live with you?", but...I'm evil.

For the record, not on the run from the law.  Simply tired of the cold!

I'm definitely not engaging, because, seriously - who needs the drama?  Assumptive Aunt should really focus on her own family and their issues, wouldn't you think?


--- Quote from: Brisvegasgal on December 24, 2013, 02:50:57 PM ---Yup. Don't engage the crazy.

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This, this, this.


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