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Personally, I would send a reply, just something simple like I moved here to take an amazing job offer, am looking for the right home near work after moving from cold state, and moving sometime in the spring. Happy new year. Blah, blah, blah.

If this aunt were a close friend or were just making a casual inquiry, sure.  But it sounds like in this case, the OP would send that note and then get Aunt demanding to know why she took a new job, why she hasn't found a house yet, blah blah blah.  You can't quench craziness.

I feel the OP's frustration here- I lived with my parents for a while after finishing my bachelor's and got all kinds of "concerned inquiries" about why I was living with them, and received lectures on why I needed to move out.  Why people become so consumed with others' private business is a mystery to me.


--- Quote from: Morty'sCleaningLady on January 08, 2014, 03:32:44 PM ---Quick Update

Last night, my parents had to share a Busy Body Aunt update.  In spite of my parents not getting email from Aunt and Uncle in months, yesterday, my parents got a two line email from them.  It included the temperature at our Southern Town (9 degrees) and Busy Body'sTown.  However, they claimed it was 50 degrees at Busy Body's Town - my sister lives about 100 miles away and was at 26 degrees.  My Dad checked their zip code on the Weather Channel and it was 24 degrees in their town.

Since we are already at 40 degrees and will be in the 60s by Saturday, I'm sure we won't hear from Busy Body Aunt (and Uncle) until we have a heat wave.

( and for kckgirl - I did send a change of address card and 1 email reply to the first inquiry - the daily deluge for a week was not responded to)

--- End quote ---

LOL!  My ILs do that.  If they want more attention from my DH/their son they lie about something.  Usually the weather.  "We are freezing!"  Doesn't matter how many times DH tells them he can look this stuff up on line.   They don't own a computer.

sounds like Auntie has a nasty case of the jealousies about you all being able to move to that area.


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