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My fiance and I are planning our wedding, and in looking at checklists and ideas, we keep running into checklist items along the lines of "create your wedding website as soon as possible!"  We are partly laughing at this and partly thinking it would be a great idea to help the out-of-town guests get their bearings with directions and so forth. It might also be a good place to let people know when the cake-cutting and other reception activities will be, and to let guests know that the reception is finger foods only (the reception is NOT at a meal-time, but we'd hate for anyone to come expecting to eat a full meal).

Apparently a number of the wedding planning sites have a different idea. From one of them:

"TIP: add your wedding website URL to your Save-the-Dates and invitation inserts its the polite way to let friends and family find out where you are registered."

I have no intention of including registry information in my invitations (we aren't doing save-the-dates - the wedding is in four months!). My gut reaction is that if we include the URL to a "wedding website" with registry information, we might as well just stick a registration card in instead. If we DO make a site, I will email the URL to those who would need it and most likely use it.

Thoughts? Has anyone else created a wedding website? Was it helpful, or more hassle than it was worth? And what might the etiquette be on including personal website information in wedding invitations (or on shower invitations)?

Thanks in advance!

I didn't need one myself, but I've always found these to be extremely helpful.  And that goes triple when travel might be involved for some guests.  It's so helpful to have a "travel" section, where you give them info on airport limos (assuming you can't pick them up), hotel rates and contact info, etc.

On registries, this is controversial, but I personally don't have a problem when it's handled discreetly.  By that, I mean the registry would be one small part of the site, and then when you send invites, you can discreetly say "For further info, please see our site at xxxx").

It shouldn't be an issue for showers, because the hostess is perfectly free to list the places where the bride is registered.  In fact, she *should* do so. 

PS - I totally disagree with that "tip" about website info being on STDs.  All you're doing with an STD is giving them the date of your wedding.  (I realize you're not doing them, but that was a strange thing to say!).

If I were getting married, I would share the link to my wedding website with my FB friends (in a "for those of you who want to know more about our wedding" kind of way) and put the registry in an out - of - the - way place on the website, so I don't look like I'm basically saying, "BUY ME ALL THE THINGS!" I definitely would never put the URL on my invitation - it's very tacky to do that.

Partner is building our website now and the plan is to design a QR code that will be printed on our save the dates so people can scan it with their phones, we'll also list it on the save the date (the QR code will be on the back...I think) for those not interested in/unaware of QR codes. This is Partner's baby and I'm letting her do whatever she wants with it.

Usually I've see just a little note at the bottom that says something along the lines of: for more information please vist wedding url. Which is probably what we'll put on our invitations cause ya know, someone might have lost the save the date.

The websites are great for travel info, I like when the couple adds little bits about how they met, how the proposal went, and some stuff about the groomsmen/bridesmaids and the couple's parents. I like reading all that stuff. Then I usually seen one tab for "registry information" with links to on-line registries if the couple has any. I've seen that section left blank as well.

If the main purpose of the website is to convey information to guests (about location, format, etc.) and the registry info is one small part of that, I think it's fine, and I don't see why it would be rude to put the URL on the invite. Our registry info was a sub-section of one of the pages, so not prominent at all/you'd have to look to find it (I can pm you a link if you want). We paid $30 for an attractive website theme and it was a huge, huge hit with our family (and an efficient way to get information out about things like hotel accomodations, parking ,etc.)


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