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Author Topic: Groaners  (Read 86035 times)

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White Dragon

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Re: Groaners
« Reply #225 on: December 14, 2013, 05:44:08 PM »
(You have to tell this joke with the appropriate animal voices)

A chicken walks into a library, strolls up to the librarian and clucks "Boooook, booook, book!"

Surprised and more than a bit mystified, the librarian checks out a best seller and gives it to the chicken.
The chicken takes the book in her beak and leaves.

The next day, the chicken is back. It drops the book on the floor, stares at the librarian and again clucks "Booook, boooook, book book book."

The baffled librarian again selects a popular book, checks it out and gives it to the chicken.
The chicken takes the book and leaves.

Next morning, the chicken is back yet again, dropping yesterday's read and demanding "Booook, booook, book, book, book."
Once again, a book is signed out to the chicken.

At this point, the librarian cannot bear the mystery any longer. Who is this chicken, why is she checking out books and why are the books being returned after just one day?

As the chicken left, the librarian followed.
Out the door, across the street, and through the park.
The chicken made her way down the edge of the pond, where a huge bulldog perched on a lily pad.

The chicken dropped the book on the bank and declared "Book!"

To which the frog replied "Read it, read it...."

 ;D ;D
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Sanity Lost

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Re: Groaners
« Reply #226 on: December 17, 2013, 07:34:53 AM »
What is brown and black and blue all over.
A Brunette who has told too many blonde jokes

What do Brunettes miss the most about a great party?
The invitation

What did the rock say to the geologist?
Don't take me for granite