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Celebrities you wish would go away

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Mine is Miley Cyrus. Her tongue is hanging out everywhere, she's licking things, she's naked in her videos. She can't sing, and she is like a train wreck in action. I feel badly for her on the one hand because she is going down a bad, bad road --- but I am tired of seeing her glorified in the media. I wish they would stop paying attention to her, so she stops behaving so poorly.

Anyone else have a celebrity that they wish would stop doing very bad things in the public eye?

Miley Cyrus is the female Justin Bieber (or vice versa).  I wish he would go far, far away and learn some humbling life lessons.

I'll see your Miley Cyrus and raise you a Kanye West, plus all the Kardashians.

Please, please, all of them, go away. Don't come again another day.

I'll see your Kanye & Kardashians and raise you Chris Brown and Rhianna, both together and separately.

Please pass the Calgon:
Seconding all the Kardashians and anyone married to one of them. Beiber, Miley....Tom Cruise...Katherine McPhee....all the Real Housewifes of ________ shows.


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