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Celebrities you wish would go away

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Definitely Miley Cyrus, and the Kardashians.

Justin Beiber doesn't really bother me.

All of the above, plus all NBA basketball players.  I wish Rodman would just defect already.

Oh, and Tiger Woods.

LeAnn Rimes.

I hate to say it because I really do like him, or did before his presence became so ubiquitous, but I'm beginning to feel this way about Stephen Fry. For some reason he seems to be the arbiter of opinion on every possible subject you can think of these days (probably because he's one of the few celebs who can actually string a coherent opinion together, but still) and it's becoming really tiresome.

Justin Beiber. Not because I don't like his music or I'm "jealous of his success" (I've been accused of both) but because he is such an obnoxious and mean spirited person who has clearly been completely spoiled by money and fame.


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