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Author Topic: Need some help with email comment/complaint to grocery store..  (Read 19255 times)

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Re: Need some help with email comment/complaint to grocery store..
« Reply #45 on: January 02, 2014, 11:58:36 AM »
I disagree.  I think it's too much to expect that Mark can do anything about his store's policy.  If he's not permitted to leave his station to open a checkout (which is totally plausible), then he can't help the OP that way.  He told the OP where to put her additional bags and she didn't communicate that she was still having issues, then it's not about him.  Even if I'm the only customer in a store, I don't expect all employees to watch me like a hawk and anticipate my every need without me asking for help.  Sure it would be nice, but life doesn't always work that way.

The bottom line is that there should have been a regular checkout lane open.  There wasn't.  That's the root of the problem.  If Mark was supposed to either a) open a lane on request or b) help the OP in any other way without her requesting help, then the information she provides in her letter about the lack of open lanes will draw the appropriate attention to Mark.  I don't think it's fair to take out frustrations/expect an employee to resolve a problem that is more a policy issue than anything else.

And I do agree that it would have been awesome if Mark had looked at the purchases and said, "you know, I can probably override the weight thing at the checkout for you to make it a little bit easier", but sometimes that kind of forethought comes with experience and is not necessarily lack of job performance.  (And I've learned that the most proactive employees usually aren't running the off-times in stores).


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Re: Need some help with email comment/complaint to grocery store..
« Reply #46 on: January 02, 2014, 12:16:37 PM »
I think you have a valid concern, but I think your letter is MUCH too long for a very busy manager to read and process and act on. Here's my suggested edit. I took out lots of detail that might not help the store make a better policy going forward.

Agree! (though the "valid concern" I see is that Mark didn't help you. I don't think it's unfair for them to say, "our late-night service is not quite as robust" and therefore not open a regular register. If Mark had helped you, it would have been much the same in your experience, and since you had a really big cart, it's not like you are being a snowflake).

I am a regular shopper at GroceryStore at Location. However, I was disappointed when I attempted to check out on DATE at 12:40 AM and the only lanes open were the self checkout lanes, and an employee, Mark, refused to open a checkout lane when I approached him with my full cart.

He dismissed my concern that I would not be able to fit all my items in the small bagging area. I went ahead and checked myself out, taking at least 10 minutes to do so. I did have to awkwardly stack several bags and items on each other. At no time did Mark come back and offer to help. Instead, he stayed at the front, chatting with another employee.

I am disappointed in this poor customer service and would like to know if it is company policy that only self checkouts are available at certain times/hours. If it is, I would suggest that this be posted prominently at the entrance. It would help customers make informed shopping decisions.

I spent $247.76 on this shopping trip, and had 72 items. Having to check out this order myself was a major inconvenience, and I may not return to Store.


I am a regular shopper at Store at XX Something Road, but my experience at the checkout on Date at 12:40 p.m. left me very disappointed. The store's apparent policy of refusing to open regular checkout lanes, even when customers have a full cart, as I did (72 items!), should be reconsidered. If it is indeed store policy, self-checkout-only hours should be posted prominently for customers to make an informed decision.

In particular, the attitude and behavior of Store employee Mark was inappropriate. He refused to attempt to open a regular lane, dismissed my concerns about smashing groceries in the too-small bagging area, and chatted with another employee instead of assisting me.

I hope these concerns can be addressed. I would like to continue to shop at Store, but the unavailability of regular checkouts will keep me from doing so.

I might also say: "If you are going to have only self-checkout during off hours, I suggest you instruct employees like Mark that they are to step in and assist people who are purchasing large numbers of groceries, so that the difficulties I encountered will be eliminated. The employee can help when the machine gets  testy because items have been removed from the bagging area, and can help wrangle the large number of groceries."

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Re: Need some help with email comment/complaint to grocery store..
« Reply #47 on: January 03, 2014, 11:54:19 AM »
I think your letter is perfectly appropriate.  There was no signage or anything else to notify you that you would have to check out your own items.  You were shopping t a full-service grocery and have the right to expect that service.  You aren't paying less at that hour!  In similar situations, I have had the store employee overseeing the self check outs help me pack my items, and Mark could have certainly done that for you.