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Author Topic: rude to flush in the wee hours? (yes, I see what I did there)possible squick  (Read 40147 times)

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I think the discussion has drifted.  (and I was a part of the drift)
The OP had been a guest and was shocked that the host seemed to expect her to not flush at night. 
The discussion has drifted to "What we can do in our own homes."  When, really, there aren't any etiquette rules for what you do in the privacy of your own home.  The real question is,

"Is it an etiquette rule that you shouldn't flush at night while a guest?" 

and I guess

"Can I expect a guest to not flush at night while they are a guest?' 

My personal answer is No and No.

We flush. I would prefer my guests always flush.

But I think a host can ask for guests to not flush at night because of noise if that is their home norm. I also think hosts can asks guests to "let it mellow" if that is their home norm and they have a need or desire to conserve water. You if there is a septic issue they can ask them to not flush TP.

But if a guest forgets, the host should not admonish them about their forgetfulness.


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Insofar as this is an etiquette issue, the matter has been adequately dealt with.
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