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Author Topic: rude to flush in the wee hours? (yes, I see what I did there)possible squick  (Read 40185 times)

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As a guest, I flush every time (unless I have a private bathroom).  At home, in my own private bathroom, I flush every other time or so.  The ole "if yellow, let mellow; if brown, flush it down" applies.  BUT, always flush if another person will see what you have excreted.

But, if requested to NOT flush every time by my host, I would/could abide by her/his request.  It wouldn't squick me out.
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I have never been woken up by a flush, nor ever (to my knowledge) woken anyone. It would never occur to me not to flush.


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If more than one person is using the bathroom, you flush.

I cannot imagine waiting to morning to flush one's business and all that toilet paper in one shot.  Because you know, that toilet is going to over flow.


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I flush every time.

I have friends who have the "if it's yellow..." policy for environmental reasons (lowering water consumption). Their house, their rules.

Plus it really doesn't bother me if that's all I see in the loo. It doesn't seem to smell and their loo seems as clean as any other.

I'd be happy to follow the same approach to minimise disturbing fellow guests at night.

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The only times I can remember waiting to flush is when I use the toilet in one bathroom while DH is in the shower in the other and I don't want to mess up his water temperature/pressure.  That's only waiting for maybe fifteen minutes though, because I go back and flush after he's done.  Otherwise, even in the middle of the night, I flush right away.
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In my house, you flush. ;) It won't bother anyone. In my mother's house, if you're using the guest bathroom after people have gone to bed, you don't flush if it's just #1 (per her request) because both she and my stepfather are light sleepers and that loo is LOUD. Anything more substantial gets flushed anyway, because nobody wants to see that first thing in the morning. :P

My general philosophy is flush unless your host/ess specifically asks you not to, and if you have a reason to have odd flushing/non-flushing rules in your house, spell them out to your guests.
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For "solids", yes absolutely, flush!

For "liquids", I'd err on the side of flushing, unless you know you are waking people up several times during the night. In that case, I wouldn't flush - but I'd try to be the first into the bathroom in the morning so I could flush, and hence save the others the unslightly view of my "liquids".

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...  Where I live, toilet paper is not flushed, as the plumbing can't handle it, so used TP is deposited in a small can next to the toilet.

This is going to sound like I'm just being obnoxious, but it is a genuine question because I've never been anywhere where you couldn't flush TP down the toilet. 

I get putting it into a container, but seriously, what if someone has screamers or something?  What then?  You couldn't put that in a can.  Even the paper generated by just a couple of people doing a nice normal #2 would smell up the bathroom really fast, wouldn't it? 

Do you carry the container out with you when you leave the bathroom and if so, then what do you do with it?  ???


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I'm a not flusher at home because I have small kids who may wake up from it and I don't want to deal with that. I do the same if I stay somewhere with kids because waking them is just mean and a way to get into their parents bad books.  My MIL is not so considerate  >:(

Plus living in a drought prone country you learn not to waste water. Also the water level in our toilets is much lower than in the US so the yellow water that people are going ick about is a lot further down.

Number 2s always get flushed though.


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Im a light sleeper and I wake up a million times a night (not really, but a lot) and I have to use the bathroom if I've been woken up. I flush but there have been situations where it is better not to flush because it wakes people. I hate when I have to share a hotel room and keep waking people up because I have to go.  I've worried over this sort of thing a lot so it is nice to hear that the majority are okay with the flushing. I wish I could sleep through the full night, and through other people flushing, snoring, turning over in their sleep, etc.


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Depends on how loud the plumbing is , how much water there is, how light people sleep etc..

I also grew up on a well. In the summer, we never used the indoor flushable toilet, but used the outhouse instead.


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I am ok with people flushing. It's a normal household noise and doesn't wake me up. I think most people are wired so that they get accustomed to normal sounds while they sleep; unusual sounds (like a breaking window) would wake those same people up.

I can't speak for the light sleepers, but I'm inclined to think that's a problem THEY have and that people who get up in the night should still be able to flush and not leave their business for everyone else to find. Of course, everything else should be done quietly: walk lightly, don't slam doors, don't flick on a bright light in the hall, etc.


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Another vote for flush.


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I'm in favour of flushing, unless staying in a household where it is specifically requested that that not be done.

Straying a little, into anecdote for the sake of it: a late uncle of mine was notorious in the "extended" family, for being a crabby and cross-grained individual (despite his various good qualities). He prided himself on being highly logical and rational -- often, he was anything but. Circumstances caused my brother, when he was a child, to stay for a quite lengthy period of time with this uncle and his family.

Early in his stay, my brother needed to get up and use the toilet in the middle of the night; he flushed it.  The following morning, our uncle -- who always had difficulty sleeping -- angrily rebuked him for flushing in the middle of the night, thus making noise.  A couple of nights later, brother again needed to get up to "go", in middle of night. With uncle's words in mind, he refrained from flushing.  Next morning, uncle went ballistic at him for leaving the "results" for people to find when they got up... My brother was truly gobsmacked at finding himself in this completely "you can't win" situation.


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I would say flush. However, I've been in houses with a no-flushing rule overnight.

Staying with my then-boyfriend's parents, I was berated at the breakfast table by his mother for flushing at night and waking her up. The following night I unfortunately had some issues which kept me in the bathroom for a while and I was forced to make a decision - I didn't want to leave it, but neither did I want to have to explain in front of everyone why I had disobeyed her edict. In the end I left it, and somebody flushed it themselves before I could in the morning - I don't know who, but an evil part of me hopes it was his mother.

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