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I guess you don't really want a job, do you?

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Library Dragon:
Good volunteer programs for teens can be helpful.  Not the "hey, everyone show up and we will pick up litter" type, but regularly scheduled service.

Our summer pages apply, interview, and have to have 3 non-relative reference forms returned.  They sign in and out and have assigned tasks. There is a dress code (provided tshirts and casual pants or skirt).

When they apply for jobs we can be a reference attesting to their dependability and work ethic. 


--- Quote from: faithlessone on January 13, 2014, 04:19:45 PM ---My "work experience" (2004, aged 15) with a local museum/archive amounted to a week spent staring at pages and pages of Medieval Latin memorial inscriptions, with a dictionary, trying to translate them. My 'boss' didn't seem to care that Classical Latin (which I was studying) bears very little resemblance. Think the difference between Chaucer and Modern English - sure you can make a good stab with a bit of help, but it's not exactly fast going. It was apparently the only thing I could helpfully do without training or specific experience.

--- End quote ---

Mine consisted primarily of two weeks of free labour at the local day nursery. For the first three days it also meant no lunch because nobody had bothered to tell the kitchens to provide us with any (there were four of us in total).

All I learned from that was that I never, ever wanted to be a nursery nurse. Ever.


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