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How often do e-mails go astray?

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--- Quote from: Tea Drinker on January 04, 2014, 06:46:02 PM ---It could be a problem with her email provider, either in terms of them doing something wrong or in terms of some third party having (perhaps incorrectly) decided that her provider is a source of spam. At a previous employer, every several months comcast would decide that all our emails were spam, and throw away anything sent either to or through them. It doesn't help to tell my system to allow mail from if it is throwing away everything from example-com.

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I would agree with this one.

My office recently had major issues when it turned out that something had gone awry with our spam filter. Intermittantly, the filter would block certain email providers, meaning that our emails didn't go through - except that the programme didn't tell us. The emails would "send" as normal, but never arrive. We didn't get any sort of notification saying that they had bounced back or anything like that, they just vanished.

I would advise that the woman should investigate her email provider or perhaps call out some sort of IT consultant.

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I have had emails that a specific friend sent me show up a month after they were sent.  We still have no idea why that happened.

I found that some attachments would open on my laptop (Windows 7) but not my Nook HD+ (even when I rebooted into Kit-Kat using the N2A micro SD card).  It won't run anything that needs Adobe Flash on the Nook, there are some things that just have to wait until I am at a "real computer".

So the email didn't go astray - but I couldn't reply with a meaningful answer until I could check out the contents of the attachments!


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