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How often do e-mails go astray?

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Tea Drinker:
It could be a problem with her email provider, either in terms of them doing something wrong or in terms of some third party having (perhaps incorrectly) decided that her provider is a source of spam. At a previous employer, every several months comcast would decide that all our emails were spam, and throw away anything sent either to or through them. It doesn't help to tell my system to allow mail from if it is throwing away everything from example-com.

Again, depending on the size of the messages, they may be quietly bounced or discarded: a plain email shouldn't be over modern size limits, but if someone is mailing you videos or even large drawings, that might be the problem. (A PDF of a contract might trigger that as well.)

I have more than one email address, and one advantage of that is that if stuff to my main address is getting lost, I can give people my gmail address instead, and that improves the chances of it getting through somehow. A few years ago we were talking to a fellow birder, who asked me "do you have a gmail?" and when I said yes, cheerfully sent me 28MB of video of a woodpecker, from his own gmail account. My regular email account would have bounced that as too big.

Tea Drinker is probably on the right tract

Something about how she is wording them is triggering a spam filter. IF there are attachments either they are too big or virus soft ware is stopping them as suspect. I've also had problems with my connection hickupping in the middle of sending something and it not go through. It always lands in my drafts box.

Do you have a firewall/ironwall?  That could be filtering your emails also.

My husband the geek's response to the question posed in the thread title: Every day.

A bit of personal experience:
I have an email address through one of the websites we own, and there are various emails that have permanently gone astray. We very strongly suspect that the host is filtering the emails, although they claim they don't. We've also had problems with our host having been blocked because they've played host to spammers.

I'm thisclose to using gmail as my primary email account.

One of the email providers I use has had problems now and then - and, yes, this DOES mean the emails sent thorough them simply disappear.

It does not happen very often - may-be once in couple of years.

I believe that, during the last decade of emailing, there has been just an handful of mail lost. But - that is what I know of.


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