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Government department makes 7yo girl a promise


Mel the Redcap:
A seven-year-old girl here in Australia wrote to the CSIRO (Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia's national science agency) to ask them to make her a dragon for a pet. Her parents expected them to either ignore the letter, or maybe write back saying "Sorry, it's not possible".

They put up a media release on their blog, apologising to Australia for not having worked dragons out yet, and promising to try harder. The girl who wrote the letter has now decided she wants to be a scientist and work in the CSIRO. ;D

A couple of news articles can be found here:

And the CSIRO's blog post is here:

Team HoundMom:
They made Sophie a dragon:

I do not like to use this word, because it is so very overused. But I really do think this qualifies...

this is AWESOME!!!

Mel the Redcap:

--- Quote from: Hurricane Marathon on February 04, 2014, 10:51:52 AM ---They made Sophie a dragon:

--- End quote ---

That is so cool! Thanks for the update link! ;D

I wanna dragon, too!

(((sigh)))  I have a pattern somewhere in the sewing room stash - I may have to make my own!  I have a sewing machine - just not a 3D printer....and no scrap titanium at all.


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