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Author Topic: Birthday party-any guesses on how many will show up?  (Read 11136 times)

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Re: Birthday party-any guesses on how many will show up?
« Reply #45 on: January 13, 2014, 10:51:21 AM »
I'm glad this worked out for you! That is most unusual!

on the topic of goodie bags, I have done the following with great success:

We get a package of the white or brown lunch sacks (which ever goes the best with the theme of the party). I then have marker, glue sticks, ribbon, stickers, stamps, whatever craft supplies they would enjoy, and they make their own bag, and set them up around the table.then the bags can be filled. This would be easily adjustable by premaking baggies of treats. If the party has a pinata this is the best place for the kids to put their winnings from it as well. this gives you an extra activity in the party, or even at the beginning when everyone is showing up at different times, so you can start activities with all of the kids at once. you can take it further by making it a contest of the most creative bag by having everyone vote for their favorites. The winner gets a prize (candy/lollipop, etc.). You can get 50 or so bags, and it gives unexpected siblings something to do as well (with cheap candy filling it). everyone leaves happy! :)

I've had a wild west party with the brown lunch sacks and the white ones for princess parties. It is amazing the things kids come up with! (one kid made their brown sack look like a covered wagon!)