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Cold weather and washing

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Earlier today (it's just after noon on Saturday in my part of the world) I read part of a post that mentioned using more than one towel for a stay of a couple of days.

I was wondering if that was the norm for those parts of the world where drying is difficult?

My family (mine & DHs) wash towels about once per fortnight and I wondered if that's because our towels dry pretty quickly when they're hung up after use. Conversely, we wash our sheets about once a week because they get a bit sweaty.

I wash my towel once a week, when I wash my sheets.  I know people who use 2 fresh towels every day, one for their body, another for their head.  I'm in the US, and, as usual, there are a lot if differences between different people.  Just about everyone in my area has central heat and central air conditioning.  A towel on a rack dries quickly year round no matter what the weather is doing. 

I used to live in a crummy apartment with a crummy bathroom that never seemed to get dry--I think it was a ventilation issue--and towels never got fully dry and they'd get funky pretty quick. Currently, I use a head towel and a body towel, but I use the same ones for about a week unless I happen to be doing extra laundry at some point in between, then I might throw them in just for good measure.

I use a fresh towel every day. Though Houston is humid, in my case it is about my skin condition, not the towel still being damp.

Library Dragon:
I use 2 per week, alternating each day. This way one is always dry.  Well....unless DH uses mine instead of his.


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