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Cold weather and washing

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 I wash the towels once a week, along with bedding as well.  My house is quite well-insulated so it's warm enough inside that towels dry fairly quickly when hung to dry. Also, my towel rack is right over a heat register, which helps a great deal.  Also, my towel is always nice and warm when I get out of the shower :)

I use two to three towels for my hair (I have a lot of hair) and one for the rest of me. I wash towels about every week.  The towels dry out fine between uses. It's odd but I find that they dry faster hanging over the glass shower doors than they do hanging on the towel racks (except for the towel rack over the heater). 

We wash towels once a week. I use a hair towel and just put on my thick and thirsty bathrobe when I step out of the shower. I don't towel off. Towels dry quickly here year round.

I find in winter my towel doesn't always dry properly and it's not even that cold here. That said my Queensland relatives are convinced Canberra is like the Artic  ;D

I only ever knew one couple who used fresh towels every time they bathed or washed hair.  This seems wasteful to me because washing them that often makes them wear out faster.

Mine dry quickly and I can use a towel for a week.  However, I wish I had heated towel racks like the last place I stayed when I vacationed in London.  That would be fabulous in the winter.


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