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When working at second job (retail clerk), I answered a phone in front of a customer, who got so annoyed they complained to manager.  Manager then afterwards came to me and specified customer in front of you is more important than anyone calling.

I realize at a vet's office you can't do that as well, but maybe answer phone like my dr's office does, "Is this an emergency?"   If it is not, can you say "hold on a minute", and then put phone down on desk, and continue to deal with client in front of you, who hopefully knowing that you have a phone call to get to, does their business with you quickly. 


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--- Quote from: MrTango on January 14, 2014, 12:18:09 PM ---IMO, in a business situation, a customer in front of you always trumps the phone ringing.

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In most situations I'd agree. But in the case of a vet's office, where the person on the phone might be someone whose dog has just been run over versus someone at the desk who's only paying a bill or picking up medication or arranging their next appointment? No.

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I am in agreement that the phone should be answered in case of emergency, BUT the policy goes further than that. The policy ALSO requires that she finish NON-emergency business on the phone even if it has interrupted the person already standing there.

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Yeah, that's just not a good way to do business.

Perpetua, I agree with you.  I didn't consider medical situations as part of "business" situations.


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