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There was an ad showing a big breasted naked woman.  The advertiser was Light in the Box.  I captured a link to the photo.

I need a URL to block the advertisement.

I've seen the ad twice now.  The advertiser is 

What URL do you need, and how do I get it?

ETA: I just got an ad for the same company, but it has different pictures (not the breasts).  I right clicked on the ad and got this link:

If it was an ad for something else besides light bulbs, often the previous clicks made on your computer will automatically generate ads the google computer "troll" thinks you will click. So if you or someone on your computer were looking up bras, the algorithm might generate those silicone things the model is wearing.

The ad goes across the top of the page.  It has five pictures and then the name  The first two times I saw the ad, the first photo was the bare lady, then five dresses.  It was only the third time I saw the ad that the lady was gone and there were two photos of light bulbs., 


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