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Being "assigned" work by PA lateral colleague

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There's a Dilbert comic that springs to mind here.

Definitely not eHell approved to react this way.  I'll go with others who said that you need to talk to your boss about this posthaste, and get the final word on whether this will end up in your lap.  I understand your anger at your coworker, but your boss needs to be brought into the loop here for sure, and your boss can tell your coworker to do her own job (assuming that your boss doesn't decide to reassign it).


gramma dishes:
I agree with all the others.  Time is definitely of the essence here.  This needs to be addressed immediately.  If it isn't, everyone will assume you have accepted this responsibility. 


--- Quote from: gramma dishes on January 14, 2014, 10:44:42 AM ---I agree with all the others.  Time is definitely of the essence here.  This needs to be addressed immediately.  If it isn't, everyone will assume you have accepted this responsibility.

--- End quote ---

You may even be able to use the fact that you've waited this long in your favor.
Contact your boss, explain that you were surprised this was passed onto you without prior notice, and that since you haven't heard from the others PA and OW about it you don't know where you are supposed to stand/do, and that furthermore, with your actual job duties A, B and C plus whatever you can find, you don't think you can take on those duties. Wouldn't PA be a better fit since X and Y?

We also have compartmentalization in my group. Coworker 1 handles all tasks relating to A, CW2 all with B, etc. If a new task comes in relating to A, it is redirected by anyone in our group to CW1 without necessarily going to the manager.

However, if something comes up related to A and CW1 can for whatever reason not take that on, the boss does need to decide who will take it on instead, with a full review of everyone's workload and experience.

I would explain that understanding to the boss, and ask to review the owner of this task accordingly.


--- Quote from: Hmmmmm on January 14, 2014, 08:33:26 AM ---
--- Quote from: lady_disdain on January 14, 2014, 08:26:40 AM ---You have to speak up now. As long as you remain silent, everyone is going to think you accepted the task. Then, when it becomes urgent, you are the one who didn't do it.

--- End quote ---

This. I would assume that if you didn't challenge the assignment withing a week or so, that you had accepted the assignment.

Yes it does sound like PA co-worker was meeting with the other person and in their discussions PA said "When we roll out this new activity, Hajasaurus can do the monthly xxx yyy." The other person may have no idea that this is normal in your group. So either go to your boss now or send an email.

"Boss, xxx yyy task was assigned to me by PA and OW without prior discussion. I've reviewed my activities and don't believe I'll be able to take on this additional work unless you re-assign other tasks. How would you like to handle?"

Boss can then either say "I'll re-assign task to someone else." or "I'll reassign a different task to someone else" or "I would like for you to see if you can stretch yourself into taking on this additional activity because of .....".

All are valid responses from the boss but he/she is the one who needs to make that call.

But if you don't speak up, Boss and everyone else is assuming you've agreed to perform the task.

--- End quote ---

This...except if you really don't want to do the new task then just say that you have no idea why you have been assigned NewTasks by the co worker and did not go through boss since you have so much on your plate already.  Or I have my hands full with tasks from area B, coworkers is assigned to Area A so why is she not doing it?

But the main thing is to make the boss make an active decision.... Either I don't take on the new work or you have to tell me what to drop.


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