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My friend has been seeing someone for a couple months. They seem very happy but are taking it pretty slow. I will call him Joe. Joe has said he's not really seeing anyone else else but Sally, Sally has gone on a few casual dates but keeps going back to Joe. Joe is always inviting Sally over and being very attentive towards her. So she has been feeling like something is developing.

Sally has a good friend name Jamie who works with Joe's best friend Steve. One day Steve and Jamie were chatting about something and Steve says "Oh I need to invite Joe over for movie night, he has this girl he is dating named Amy I would like to meet her" Jamie was VERY surprised...  ??? what about Sally? Jamie tells Sally this information and then later Steve says he may have misspoke and tries to backtrack.

So now Sally is at a loss. Is there an etiquette friendly way to ask if he is getting serious with someone else and maybe she needs to back off?

This is not an etiquette question...or maybe I'm just missing something  ???

I thought of it as asking an uncomfortable question, do you ever question something you hear from a third party? It seems kind of juvenile... but what do I know? That is why I was asking.

It's entirely possible that Steve just got Sally's name wrong.

It sounds like Sally isn't all that serious about Joe either (she's gone on dates with other people during their relationship too) and it may be that Joe has realized this and is starting to move on. But it isn't really an etiquette thing. She needs to talk to him about whether they're exclusive or not and where they stand, but there isn't an etiquette script for it.


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