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so i'm browsing away and i see random words on ehell lit up in orange and double underlined,  turns out they are ad's/scam links

i've checked my antivirus and browser and both are up to date and running fine.

That's a spyware problem on your end. Try running SpyBot S&D.

It's malware.. and it might depend upon what browser you are using where you find the icky beast.  Here's some tips for Flamingvixen on where to look

thanks squeakers, have run all my malware and antivirus, not got anything showing up,  seems to be at random times, noting showing at the moment

I had that on my old Toshiba, nothing appeared on my scans either. I had to take it to a shop. I got mine from a freebie game...stupid Vampires vs Zombies...


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