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Is there a polite way to say "You're waaaay overdoing that"?

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I see the same stuff fly by on occasion, but the kicker is that it has nothing to do with me.

We get new merchant setups from corporate clients.  One particular brand of corporate client has this one guy (who I NEVER have any actual contact with) in their sales department who inevitably sends an over-the-top congratulatory e-mail for the sales rep who nabbed them the account.  The e-mails come complete with hyperbole, bad jokes, unending ellipses, and eleventy billion exclamation points.  Bad enough that he does this to the sales rep, but he hits Reply To All, so EVERYONE can see it.

Drives. Me. Nuts.

I think that avoiding things that annoy you at work is kind of like trying to avoid people with two's not going to happen.

While I can understand that it might be annoying to get these emails all the time, I wouldn't try to tell the overpraisers to stop.  Emails can be deleted. Being that you now understand why you're being praised so much, I think might make it easier to tolerate. 

Put it this way.  As uncomfortable as an email might seem, it could be worse.  They could be praising you like this in person...which would, I think, require some kind of an "you don't have to come praise me like this all the time" response.  I just wouldn't fuss with it when it's on email.

Sometimes you just gotta go with get some "credits" with the other people.Not a bad thing.

I have this new person that I deal with that is so "HI! HOW ARE YOU!!!" and while I prefer the enthusiasm toned down a bit I just pretend like i am her new best friend too when I walk by but  she is my bosses right hand woman so I want to stay on her good side. Seemed to have worked...when we got assigned new offices, I now have a window!


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