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Do you line dry your laundry?

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Well, do you?

I thought this was something everyone did, but I've heard in so e countries it's seen as almost quaint and a sign of poverty or lack of a dryer. I realise that in certain climates, line drying isn't always possible, but even with access to a dryer I still choose to air dry some things. Sound clothes can't be put in the dryer, and some things like bed linen I consumer a waste of time in the dryer.

I live in an apartment without a dryer. We have a washing machine bug we usually air dry outside or inside in bad weather. DH wants to get a washer/dryer for when the baby comes. But in every backyard in Australia you are almost guaranteed to find a hills hoist, it's absence is often marked.

So, do you air dry your laundry, just use a dryer or use some combination of the two?

Line dry here when I can like most Aussies. I only use the dryer in winter if it's wet and only for some things that won't shrink.

When I lived in the UK most people used dryers, none of our neighbours had clothes lines. I hated it, so many if my clothes shrank! Our house also ended up with clothes drapped across radiators a lot.

american living in israel here.

we have a portable line thing that we use inside the apartment or on the terrace, depending on the weather. (it's just me and DS). I also never understood why people consider laundry hanging outside a sign of poverty - to me it's just a sign that people live there. Many of the newer construction in israel (probably in the last 20 years or more) have the area sort of covered with slats (where air can circulate but he laundry isn't very visible) like this:

We do have a dryer but i haven't used it in about 8 years (not even sure it still works) - it's just too darned expensive to run. DS is in charge of the laundry - he sorts, washes, hangs - and he has a whole system of getting it all done on Friday and by Saturday afternoon it's usually all dry. (depending on the weather, he either puts ito on the balcony or in the Living Room near the radiator. )

Library Dragon:
Not outside.  In the summer it's too humid. I have a rack that I hang many of my cardigans on and also a series of screened shelves for drying clothes. 

Sometimes I'll dry things 90% air dry and toss them in the dryer.  It finishes drying them and removes wrinkles.

I do not. I live in apartment complex and it is written into the lease that you cannot airdry your clothes outside. They turn a blind eye to swimsuits, one or two bath towels (it's presumed they are drying after drying yourself off after swimming) and bathmats as long as it's a temporary drying and not there for days.

Add to that I do not have a washing machine in my apartment and I'm not hauling back wet laundry to dry inside my apartment. 


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