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Do you line dry your laundry?

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Golden Phoenix:
We live in a tiny (no really, tiiiiny) house with no room for a washer or drier, at least, not if we ant to be able to fit our bed in here.

As such, i hand-wash our laundry in the bathroom sink and on good days I dry our stuff on a line outside. Unmentionables are dried inside on one of the two radiators we have.

I have to admit though, it's a pain in the rump, i'm seriously at the point where i would sleep across the top of the washer/drier if it meant i could get some washing done easily.

Also, our front door opens into a kind of car park, with no garden or yard of any kind. We had a discussion with our upstairs neigbour and the walkway that connects our two doors is now where the line goes. She uses it too.

The problem with this is our washing is visible to anyone who walks past and any Joe Public could walk right up to our line, grab something off it and be round the corner before we react. I tend to get up early and sit by the window all day as it dries just to be sure. Luckily i can get plenty done from there.

I wonder if there's a cultural thing at play here, because in my experience in England (having lived in Oxford, London, the Midlands, the South and visited many other parts), everyone here line dries if the weather will cooperate. Houses with gardens, houses with terraces, flats with balconies, anywhere you can hang a line or place a device. I was quite surprised to hear there are places that object to it.

Line drying, particularly bed linens,  is not a great idea if you have certain allergies.


--- Quote from: Sharnita on September 28, 2014, 12:53:31 PM ---Line drying, particularly bed linens,  is not a great idea if you have certain allergies.

--- End quote ---

That's why I don't line dry outside. I have terrible allergies to a number of tree and grass pollens. I do have a rack in my laundry room, but it's only big enough to hang shirts, a couple of pants, and underwear.

Free Range Hippy Chick:

--- Quote from: amandaelizabeth on May 11, 2014, 06:13:16 PM ---We managed to line dry almost everything.  I think there were four or five days last year when I had to use the dryer.  Somedays it seems that I get a gym workout, rushing outside to bring the washing in as it starts to rain, and then putting it out again.  As someone posted, there is nothing, but nothing that beats the smell of clean sheets dried out side

--- End quote ---

I put things out when I can because sunshine is cheaper than electricity, but it's not unusual for sheets to come in smelling of next door's barbecue...


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