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Workplace personalities that drive you crazy!

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These people aren't PD, just annoying.   My 2 examples:

1.  Mr eternal question:

MR EQ:   What time do you need that report?
ME:    2:00 will be fine.
MR EQ:  Okay, I'm just asking.   I can have it to you by 1 if I skip lunch.
ME:  No, 2:00 will be fine.
Mr EQ:   Just want to make sure, because I know you have to review it before you send to Big Boss.  How about 1:30?
ME:   2:00 WILL BE FINE!!!!
Mr EQ:  Why are you yellling?

2.  Miss I'm faster than email.    NOTE:  I'm always within an hour of my email - I am not the type that lets them sit for days with no response.  So if you send me a mail, you can be sure I'll read it as soon as I can.
Miss faster, however, will send me an email, then immedialy get up from her desk to come inform me of the email, and give me a recap of what it says.    This is not an isolated incident where you can excuse her because it's urgent, no, this is every time.

1.  People who communicate in triplicate -- or worse.  As in when you get back from lunch there is a voice mail, an e-mail, a hand-written note, and someone verbally telling you all the same information.

2.  People who like to play "Busier Than Thou."

The mumblers.  The one who sits thiiiis close to you and mumbles and berates themselves all day long.

The one who asks you the same thing over and over again. Or for the same thing over and over.

Captain obvious. The one who keeps telling you things you already know or know to find, to make themselves look busy and important

The email stalker

You arrive at 8:45 and check your email. Nothing of any importance  is there.  You begin work.

8:50.  An email with fairly complex questions comes in from Uber-Boss. You start to compose an answer.

9:00. The 'Why have you ignored my email?' email from Uber-Boss. 

9:05. The 'I'm working on an answer.' email from you. 

Cue the follow-up emails from Uber-Boss that make it impossible to compose anything decent for at least an hour because of the constant interruptions. 


The micromanager.

Back when I still worked, I had a freelance gig doing some work for a lady who ran her own business. I had one task that had to be submitted by a certain day of the month, every month. I was never late with this task. Ever. Some months, I was even early. Yet every month, without fail, she would mail me a few days before the deadline and remind me to do it. Drove me crazy.


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