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Wedding dresses ... the cheap and the not-so-cheap!

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I had passed a sari shop once when I was 16 or so, and decided then and there that I would get married in a dress like that.
My mother and MIL have taken me to several wedding shops and had me try on at least 50 dresses, all of which made me miserable. But after 4 days of that torture, they were finally willing to come with me (to the less safe parts of a large city nearby) and look at a sari.

I ended up buying a (very) white sari with silver embroidering. It is still the most fabulous thing I have ever seen and it costed us about 10% of the amount my DH spent on his suit. I believe I was done for 300 euro's, jewellery included.


--- Quote from: Lady Snowdon on January 25, 2014, 09:06:24 PM ---Starting a spin off thread from the discussion going on in the Special Snowflake thread. 

I had my wedding dress made for me because I hated the strapless whitewhite dresses that were in style.  A strapless pure white dress would have made me resemble a marshmallow that somehow grew feet and arms.  I spent probably 1/7th of our wedding budget (probably about $1500) on the dress because it was important to me that I feel good wearing it!  Looking back, it seems a little crazed, but it was one of my few crazy moments, so I think my parents (who were paying) were wiling to go with the crazy on just the one aspect.

It ended up being a beautiful blue silk A-line dress, sleeveless, with a white lace overdress.  When I tried it all on for the first time, my reaction was, "to heck with women wanting to be princesses!  I feel like a queen - strong and powerful!".  I loved that dress!

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Your dress sounds so pretty!  A couple of my friends had theirs made and I think if you know what you want, that's the way to go.  I ended up finding mine in a store that sells samples so it was half of its retail cost - it is in the guest room closet right now awaiting the time when I take it for alterations and then wear it!  Still have to figure out shoes... hmm...


--- Quote from: jedikaiti on January 26, 2014, 01:53:56 AM ---I wanted to order an inexpensive one from a website I found, but Mom was afraid it would look cheap (as in cheaply made). Since it was her dime... So I ordered one that was quite nice, in ivory (I don't look like a marshmallow in white, I look *dead*), and it at least had wide shoulder straps, even if I wanted sleeves. At least I was wearing a shawl once Dad walked me down the aisle. And, on the plus side, it had a corset back (which I hadn't known I wanted until I tried it on), and since when I first tried it on it was in my size and I was the first to try it on, I got to buy it off the rack, and didn't have to wait for it to be ordered.

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My dress was fairly traditional but it was ivory*.  My Mother pitched a fit "what will I say to people when they ask!"  ::) I told her to remind them I was a very pale redhead who looked like death warmed over in true white.  Honestly, I was 37 - no one cared what color my dress was.

(Alfred Angelo, Around $500 plus alterations 12 years ago.)

I rented my dress.  Long sleeves, high neckline, lovely A-line shape which extended backwards quite a bit.  I didn't see the point of owning a dress I'd only wear the once, and I couldn't have afforded to buy it anyway.  I did buy the veil, which was wonderfully long enough to be a train!

This was mine. You can't really see the detail in it, but it was not a pure white dress either (I also look washed out in pure white) but a pretty silver. :)


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