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Believe it or not, such things exist.

When my cousin was getting married, she chose a wonderful dress that I wore on formal occasions for years afterwards. 

It was a copper-colored  jersey with long sleeves and cuffs.  The dress had a deep but narrow V-neck.  There was a self-band below the bust with ties that passed behind the back and tied in the front.  The skirt was a full circle but soft and floaty. The effect was vaguely Medieval.  the Bride's dress was similar but in white with a little bling around the waist. 

Because of the shape, each Bridesmaid could adjust the ties to suit her own style.  No special undergarments were required and the dress was as comfortable to wear as an old bathrobe. It looked
equally nice on a size 6 and a size 20.  The dress could be thrown in the wash with a load of t-shirts and come out looking just fine.  It could also be rolled into a ball and stuffed into the corner of a suitcase.

I wore that dress for formal nights on ships and New Year's Eve parties until it finally gave up the ghost. Perhaps the best part was that it only cost 40USD.   

I got a lovely one for my grandma's wedding.  It was 3/4 length, in a soft pink-and-green print with a pale pink trim and long sleeves.  My sister's version had a darker pink for the trim.  I kept that dress for ages and always felt pretty in it.

It wasn't a dress, but once I wore a corset and a sword. The wedding was at a Renaissance faire and we wore our regular garb, plus a bandolier in the wedding colors and matching swords. :D

I got to wear a very lovely dress recently, where I got to pick it out and the bride's only stipulation was the color, a lovely shade of purple that happens to look great on me. I rewore it just a few weeks later to formal night on a cruise. It's comfortable and flattering, and I'll be able to wear it to formal events for years.

Posting because um... y'all have pictures right?

Okay, Nikko-chan, twist my arm. :) I don't have a good picture at the wedding, but here's one of the same dress on my cruise.

(You can't see it because of the shawl, but the top back has this really lovely lacework. I had to wear the shawl because I had the wrong undergarments on the cruise! :))

Ah-hah! Here's one from the wedding. We were giving the toasts. :)


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