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Bridesmaid's Dresses You Loved.

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A few years ago I was at a public garden and a wedding was taking place. The bridesmaids had the most beautiful coral dresses. Long and slim and they actually, I think,  looked better than the wedding dress.


--- Quote from: oz diva on April 09, 2014, 08:35:38 PM ---I didn't have bridesmaids. But when my cousin got married his bride wore a polka dot green dress and her bridesmaids were in a light brown version. Pretty a Woman had just come out and the dresses looked like the dress Julia Roberts wore to the polo match. They were lovely.

--- End quote ---
ooooh i loved that dress! so classic!

My only bridesmaid dress looked very similar to this:

It was Kelly green, no belt, no pleats, and we found it on super sale (marked down with an extra percentage off). I wore it for a holiday party later.


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